$99.00 USD

Agent Attraction Course

This is a dynamic agent attraction course created and led by Terrence Murphy to help you ditch recruiting agents and start attracting agents to your organization. Terrence focuses on 10 assets to utilize in attracting agents and 3 ways to attract.

What you'll get:

Video Lessons on:

10 Assets

  • Real Estate Entrepreneur Youtube & Podcast
  • Catch Website
  • The Tribe Value Proposition Slide Deck with 50 Point Value Proposition
  • Wealth Chart
  • Visual Roadmap & AccessTheTribe.com
  • Calendly Link for 3rd Party Validation
  • Google Drive with Resources
  • eXp Workplace Groups
  • Agent Orphan Program
  • Agent Attraction Course

3 Way to Attract

  •  Social Media Touch Campaign 
  • Agent Attraction Events
  • Provide Value with Coaching Course or Resources 

**No Bi-Weekly Group Coaching included in this course